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About us

Born in 2008, Alleycat has pounced its way to a strong portfolio of successful projects.

We combine artistry with up-to-date technology and dedication to get the perfect final cut. Alleycat is all about post-production and film making. It's an artists' community that empowers you with scalable solutions, specialized expertise and added value.

Alleycat delivers distinctive feature-film quality final products no matter how big or small your projects are. Attitude, passion and skill define us.

Alleycat  has a pipeline in place. This pipeline is not linear. It involves many talents feeding it in parallel. This boils down to exceptionally fast post-production and film-making of high quality. We make your reels really outstanding via proper planning, synergy and having specialists focus on specific tasks within the pipeline.
We encourage our team to experiment creatively, trying out new things, learning fresh techniques and mastering the latest software and hardware.
Once we have a solid knowledge base, we put into practice what we have learnt and discovered, giving the projects we work on the edge. This makes each frame picture perfect.
Mission & Vision

We live and breathe constructive criticism, creativity and technical mastery. We hunger to learn from everything around us. And all so that we raise the bar and create feature film quality ads. Already a respected name in the ad industry, Alleycat wants to be on the international film industry map.


The scene at Alleycat is one of inspiration. An artists' community rather than a conventional office, our talent team is made up of:

  • Compositors
  • Modelling and texturing artists
  • Animators
  • Special effects artists
  • Motion graphics artists/designers
  • 3D generalists

Each member is selected based on his/her core skills, technical know-how, and background in art and culture. Our talents are encouraged to let loose